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How To Create A New Community Portal

Here is how to create a new community portal for your school. Follow the instructions below to get up and running.

Step 1. Choose your site URL path

Find an available URL path by typing in your web browser address bar (e.g. If you see a screen like below, that url is currently available. Snap it up!


Please make sure you are setting up a new portal for a legitimate school. NO SPAM SITES! Every portal on the network is verified and checked to be in accordance with our Terms of Service. If possible, please use an email address from the designated school you are setting up (i.e., or please let us know who the appropriate contact person is at that school.


Step 2. Enter Your Details

Enter your details into the input fields and click the “Next” button to proceed. If you have already logged in you will see the screen below instead of this one.


Step 3. Enter Your School Details

Enter a few basic details about your school and click the “Signup” button to proceed.


Step 4. Activate your new site

Check your email inbox to activate your new site.


Step 5. Click the activation link in your email


Step 6. Your account is now active!

You can now view your new site or login to the admin area and start creating new content!


Welcome to EDUconnected

Welcome, and thanks for visiting.

EDUconnected is now LIVE and ready to host your school community.

I hope you enjoy the features and functionality included in this software. The aim of EDUconnected is to make communication and online interaction between schools and their community members easier and more engaging than ever before.

You can get started by logging in and creating your account if you haven’t already. No need to remember another username and password. Simply click one of the social icons to login with your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account.

Mike Leembruggen
CEO and Founder